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The local roofing experts at Roof Kings provide superior roofing services to all of Riverdale, Utah and surrounding areas.
Whether your home or business has been compromised by rain, wind, or hall - call Roof Kings for a free estimate and roof inspection. It is our highest priority to make sure your roof is repaired or installed correctly. Our roofing contractors are trained in the very best roofing practices to ensure every roof we work on is fit for a king!

Riverdale, Utah Roofing Company

Roof Repair Specialists for Riverdale, Utah

When a storm hits your residential home or commercial building and causes roof damage, the roofing specialists at Roof Kings will fully inspect the roof damage and help you evaluate the most affordable way to repair your roof.  Our licensed roofing contractors will assess the situation to provide the roofing solutions you need to maintain the integrity and structure of your home or building and protect it from any more damage to your property. We want to help keep the interior of your home safe and protected from any rain or snow that can leak in and cause damage to your walls and ceilings.

Roof Installation Specialists for Riverdale, Utah

When you are building a new home or when time and weather has caused your roof to need to be replaced, the expert roofing specialists at Roof Kings are here to make sure your roof gets installed properly and to last for the long haul!


Our local roofing specialists will help you select the proper roofing material to best protect the structure and integrity of your Riverdale home. 


In some situations it is feasible to add on an additional layer of roofing to make your re-roof more affordable. Utah state regulations allows up to 2 layers of shingles (for a total of 3 layers) before the roof will need to be striped and completely replaced. 


The roofing specialists at Roof Kings can evaluate how many roof layers are currently on your home to determine if re-layering your roof is a good option for you.

Roofing Contractor in Riverdale, Utah

Roofing Services in Riverdale, Utah

We provide free inspections to give you a full understanding of your roofing installation or roofing repair costs.


Let us help ease your mind about the roof over your head, so you can focus on keeping your business running smoothly.


Our services include:



  • Emergency roof repair
  • Roof leak repair
  • Roof construction
  • Roof replacement
  • Roof restoration
  • Roof maintenance
  • Roof inspection
  • Roof snow removal

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